"Do You Trust the Trustworthy?" 

It is totally legitimate to have reservations about someone you do not know and cannot check out. Anyone can show up online and make claims. How can you tell if someone is trustworthy?

Do you trust someone who has been around a long time? How about someone with a public profile dating back decades? How about someone who's been background checked by agency after agency just to get his licenses?

"Grandmaster Scot" has been around for a long time. He's easy to research, too. So you don't actually have to take his word for anything! You can check him out yourself.

He's been a member of the California State Bar since 1992, an agency that does a background check on its members (you can check yourself: CalBar.ca.gov, bar#15935). He's been licensed by the California Department of Real Estate since 2005 (you can check yourself: DRE.ca.gov, broker license 01486363), another agency that background checks all license holders. How many Leaders can you check up on this way?

You can even check his movie background to see what he was doing in 1988! You can find out that now-Grandmaster Scot fought and lost to Royler Gracie (then the 7-time Brazilian National Champion) back in 1991 - which was publicized in Black Belt Magazine - years before the world really came to see the need for a ground-game with the UFCs that started years later. You can even find some of Conway's martial arts magazine appearances and bylines dating back to the 80s and 90s.

You can find over 40 of his books on Amazon dating back to 2010. Check that out, too! Click Here.

Did we mention that he's also a pastor? Hundreds of his messages can be found online in video or audio dating back years.

What about that lofty sounding title of "Grandmaster"? You, too, could be a grandmaster. It's just a 43 year path. Start training in his martial art, Guardian Kempo Kajuko Do, and keep training for 43 years and you can also be a grandmaster! (It took him 45 years...).

Conway is a known quantity.

AND he's willing to be called on his own teachings. If you think he isn't being consistent with his own teaching, talk to him about it. Of course use the format of the Ohana Conversation when you do, and he'll be happy to have a conversation about any questions you have.