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Ohana - the Hawaiian word that means every-positive-thing about Family.
OHANA, the acronym: Oasis, Harmony, Assertiveness, Nobility, and Aloha!

The #1 Leadership Blind Spot

Being blindsided hurts. It hurts the bottom-line, it hurts the team, and it can be bewildering to leaders. 

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When we know better... we can do better! 

The Ohana Way

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It's the foundational Framework for Ohana Conversations - Change Conversations, Accountability Conversations, and Agreements - and so much more! 

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Daily is Powerful. This is for OHANA every day. You watched. You know what to do.

Crushing Cost of Conflict

Do you need to make an impression on a member of your team that Conflict Costs? You'e a Leader... YOU already know how costly it can be. This is to help expand on your knowledge so you can share some wisdom...

Solve the Problem
without a Fight
in One Conversation 

You probably saw this before the Masterclass. It's a great refresher just before you have a "hard conversation" to settle into it and have it top-of-mind before your very important meeting! Use the Hero-Villain-Victim framework you learned in the Masterclass!

The Ohana Way  Report

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The Ohana Way

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