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How do you know a Leader has People Problems?          (answer below)

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How DO you know that a Leader has People Problems? What's the Missing Skill?

First, what do we mean by "problem"? I mean that if we do nothing, something bad happens (or keeps happening). If a Leader "does nothing," what happens? At the very least, if no Leader makes decisions, will anything good happen? The whole purpose of Leadership to make things happen, right?

People are imperfect, right? So how do you know a Leader has People Problems? They have People! 

What's the missing skill? Having the Hard Conversation. It may sound simple enough, but there are some very common things even skilled leaders do that they do not realize undermine their credibility with their team.

Every Leader is responsible for having the hard conversations. Anything less than mastery can lead to unnecessary conflict at tremendous cost! Still, it's the job... so... join us for our upcoming webinar: 

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